When we take the time to stop and slow down, we allow our nervous system to find a new normal.

If it isn’t an emergency, let it be.

Recently I heard a concept that “Maturity equals slowness” (@playakasha), and this phrase took my mind down a rabbit hole of theories that connected some dots. When we age naturally we are forced to slow down physically as nature runs its course, as well as the mind making it harder for thought to come to the forefront of our brains. This concept that got me contemplating life helped me to take a tip from nature and tell myself to slow down before it was forced upon me.

Now some may be saying that slowing down is a privilege they cannot afford to take. I believe that making small steps in your life to change negative patterns are just the starting point to finding more space in your life to slow down, and this is accessible to everyone.

  • Listening to meditation playlists throughout your day, even when you are driving in traffic. This can help slow the nervous system and eliminate road rage.
  • Eliminating sugar and caffeine helps us find a new balance in energy. Lowering our intake of stimulates can balance out our hormones, facilitate better sleep patterns, and allows us to slow down to mindfulness.
  • Drinking more water: we need to stop and pee more!
  • Place positive words of affirmations around you at all times to drown out the negative messages of society.
  • Watching nature move: Lay back and look at the trees, every once in awhile you’ll see a leaf fall. Naturally letting go; the left is retiring from its active purpose to reincarnate for its passive purpose as compost. Reflecting on the life cycle can bring us back to the present moment or here and now.
  • Reflect on life: What makes you feel whole? What makes you smile? What are you grateful for?

Using tools like the examples above are many little things that can be incorporated into your daily routine to help create more space in your life to slow down and reflect. Within these messages is an over arching theme of creating a daily practice.

Creating a Daily Practice

First off; forgive yourself when you aren’t able to live up to the goal you have set for yourself. As we challenge ourselves to change negative patterns we can fall back on old patterns because it’s easier. Finding your willpower to break habits is all about creating new habits and reward systems. Try many different things, write lists, and make a game out of your challenge.

  • Start: Whatever this looks like for you, everyday is the right day to start being in practice.
  • Start A New: Relearn and grow; as we grow and change into the adjusted version of ourselves, we need to relearn how to help and support ourselves. As we go through the process, we then re-adjust to needing new things to assist us. For instance, your old habits and old way of dealing are no longer needed. We give ourselves room to readjust and relearn what we need for change. We expand into updated versions of ourselves that have evolved like butterflies.
  • Start Again: When we skip a day, a week, or a month! Give yourself grace and allow yourself to start again. You aren’t ‘starting over’, because the growth you lived the last time you started again hasn’t gone away. You are always building onto of the work you’ve already done like building blocks.

I also suggest keeping a journal handy, whether that is next to your bed, in your car, or in your back pocket. Having a place to write down our feels and frustrations can help us stay on track. It’s cathartic to put pen to paper and get the thoughts in our mind out on paper. It’s also a way to reflect and keep track of our progress. We like to see proof that it’s not for nothing, and we are moving in forward motion.

Today is the perfect day to start again.

xoxo Alia Pollet


Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

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