Recognizing The Importance of Creative Expression

As a child we learn to hold a crayon, and create colorful shapes that we us to mimic the world around us. As we grow we get to explore with glue and glitter, or paint and clay; constantly reshaping our understanding of the reality we live in. As we develop our perception of our surroundings, we get to express ourselves through our unique artistic creations. Creativity is also a way to connect with other people, by sharing our understanding of the world through our creative forms. Exploring our artistic side allows for healing through self expression and understand, finding like minded people to share the world with.

“Using our hands to create something connects us to our sensual selves; manipulating clay is similar to caressing your partners skin.”

As we grow up, most of us are forced to put down the paint brush, and pick up an ink pen. Told to put away the clay, and pick up a lined composition notebook for school. We go from shaping our own understanding of the world, to being shaped by a school system that wants to turn us into carbon copies of a basic world. Now this is of course going to be telling of my stance on our current education system, but my focus here is on continued artistic expression throughout the life cycle. We will save my political rants for a riveting conversation over tea.

Being forced into an early adulthood is the big struggle that everyone faces. Having to choose a career path, and paying the bills the boring but necessary part of being an adult. Allowing ourselves to have a creative outlet gives us space to stay connected to ourselves without someone telling us what to do. Creative expression is important when we think about how we want to explore our inner child’s voice. Using our hands to create something connects us to our sensual selves; manipulating clay is similar to caressing your partners skin. Writing lyrics to a song connects you to your inner voice of truth, and allows yourself to express your true feelings safely. The artistic expression of self is one of the most therapeutic ways for a person to stay connected to their authenticity, not getting lost in the stress of the mundane world.

Once we have grown and adapt to the ever changing ways of the human condition, we can learn to balance back to having the space to be creative again. One of Trust The Balance’s missions is in the belief of Life to Death care. I too believe that it is in our youth, and our older age that our society allows us to have the space to be creative. We finally have the ‘time’ again to find our own voice as we look at retiring. I encourage each one of you to continue practicing forms of creativity throughout the lifespan. Learn to challenge the status quo through art, and expression. Find the space in your daily routine to facilitate change in the world through art.

Creativity can help us through trauma and pain. Connecting to the child inside helps us express thoughts and emotions where words may fail us. Therapeutic creativity is a tool, a medium I encourage everyone to practice in their lives. No matter how young or old. Never stop creating.

xoxo Alia Pollet


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