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Slowing Down To Self-care

When we take the time to stop and slow down, we allow our nervous system to find a new normal. If it isn't an emergency, let it be. Recently I heard a concept that "Maturity equals slowness" (@playakasha), and this phrase took my mind down a rabbit hole of theories that [...]

Slowing Down To Self-care2019-12-01T10:02:03-08:00

Embracing My 30’s

“Are you here so that you can stay the same?” Every generation comes with a different expectation to social standards. Whether that is beauty expectations, financial status, or environmental concerns; American social dynamics will be an ever evolving (and devolving) system. During my lifetime, one thing has remained the same, our society's addiction [...]

Embracing My 30’s2019-12-01T10:03:13-08:00

Creativity as Healing

Recognizing The Importance of Creative Expression As a child we learn to hold a crayon, and create colorful shapes that we us to mimic the world around us. As we grow we get to explore with glue and glitter, or paint and clay; constantly reshaping our understanding of the reality we live [...]

Creativity as Healing2019-12-01T10:03:26-08:00